Gel hand sanitizer

Gel Hand Sanitizer

Brutal on germs, gentle on hands.

Our skin friendly hand sanitizer is a 70% ethanol-based gel hand sanitizer with natural moisturizers. and a clean, fresh scent. Unlike many globally recognized hand sanitizer brands, our gel hand sanitizer uses special moisturizers to help prevent your skin from drying out while still killing germs and reducing the risk.

A safe hand sanitizer for any home, office or commercial application

Gel hand sanitizer

Whether you want a sanitizer for your home, office, school or industrial facility, you can trust Formoclean to provide only the very best solutions. We know safety is important, which is why we manufacture all of our products in the Midwest, USA and source all of our ingredients within North America. 

Comes in these sizes: 8oz RTU, 16oz RTU

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Lifestyle+ Gel Hand Sanitizer Features

  • 70% Ethyl Alcohol formula proven to kill germs
  • Includes Aloe and natural moisturizers to leave your hands feeling refreshed, moisturized, soothed and cleansed
  • Formulated to dry quickly leaving no residue or stickiness
  • Scented with an subtle Fresh Scent
  • FDA registered product manufactured in FDA registered facility
  • Manufactured to rigorous quality standards including in house testing ensuring all product meets specs.

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