About Formoclean

25+ years of experience in personal care

We believe that quality is not just a buzz word, it’s a way of life. With our rigorous in-house quality control measures, and partnerships with 3rd party labs, we ensure every product that goes out our door is safe to use, meets spec, and will always do what we say it will do! We have a team with 25+ years of experience in the personal care and chemical industries.

We offer flexible MOQ’s along with 40,000 + sq feet of warehousing and stocking options to fit your specific needs.

All of our products are made in the USA. We are located in the Midwest, which allows us to effectively and efficiently service the whole country.

We are continuously improving and innovating new products . It's our promise to only bring your the highest quality products that not only help to keep the world around us safe and clean, but are always priced competitively!

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Our Corporate Values

What we stand for
At FormoClean, it is our mission to develop responsibly sourced and manufactured products to create and sustain healthier, cleaner spaces. Located in the midwest, we source our ingredients across North America to proudly produce products made in the USA. We develop products to help you keep the spaces that are important to you, clean to keep those important to you healthy.

Where we came from
Applichem Inc, the parent company of FormoClean, has over 40 years of experience in the chemical industry. In 2020, the Formoclean brand became a stand-alone brand and division of Applichem Inc allowing for dedicated personnel and resources to focus on our passion for developing our product line and bringing products to market that promote healthier, cleaner spaces.

Where we are going
We envision Formoclean not just another option, but the option for creating healthier, cleaner spaces. Our focus and passion is on expanding our product range and solutions offering which help create and sustain healthier, cleaner spaces.

Quality partnerships
Our goal is to only work with reliable corporations and distrubutors who share our desire to focus on sustainable sourced ingredients, and to sell products that are safe on the environment and safe for use by everyone.

Solutions for All Spaces