EcoScrub Floor Cleaner

EcoScrub Floor Cleaner

Our powerful Industrial+ Ecoscrub Floor Cleaner is safe for use on all floors and surfaces. Our innovative technology encapsulates particles lifting them to the surface allowing them to be easily removed. Whether you need to clean up grease, dirt, grime or other surface soiling our Ecoscrub make short work of even the toughest floor cleaning job! 

Ecoscrub Floor Cleaner

Comes in these sizes: 1 Gallon

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Features & Benefits
Industrial+ is professional grade

  • Lifting/cutting grease, animal and vegetable fats
  • Cleans dirt, soot, carbon & grime from most surfaces
  • Removes heavy build ups of hydraulic fluids, grease and petroleum based oils and asphalts from most surfaces
  • Lifts and removes industrial oils and greases from most surfaces
  • Excellent for use in automatic floor scrubbing equipment

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